Training and Development plan for IH Poltava Applicants without necessary Certification
Note: Numbers 7-11 are done simultaneously

1. Application

Applicant fills out application and provides resume to office

2. Interview

Applicant is interviewed by DoE or ADoE and Director

3. Language test

Applicant takes written and oral exam to verify level of English

4. Give peer demo lesson

Applicant gives a 15-20 minute lesson to peers or practice studnets, under observation

5. Observations

If chosen to continue, applicant observes 3 full lessons and fills out a feedback form.  Meets with ADoE to discuss observations made and ask questions

6. Give student demo lesson

Applicant gives a 45 minute lesson to students, with observation.  After passing this step, «Applicant» becomes «Candidate»

7. Sign Contracts

Candidate must sign contract agreeing to training process, future plans to work for IH, and payment necessary if candidate does not continue working for IH after training.

8. Attend basic training seminars

Candidate attends weekly 2-hour seminars to learn basics of planning lessons, classroom management, and methodology

9. Teaching apprentice — Approximately a 2 month time period

Candidate is placed in the classroom with an experienced teacher and is gradually integrated into the teaching process.
First 2 weeks (4 lessons) — Candidate observes and takes notes.
3rd and 4th week (4 lessons) — Candidate is given one activity (15-20 minutes) to run during the class.
5th week (2 lessons) — Candidate is given 2 activities (30-40 minutes) to run during the class.
6th week (2 lessons) — Candidate presents new grammar (1 lesson) and new vocabulary (1 lesson) to the class.
7th and 8th week (4 lessons) — Candidate is given 1 or 2 (depending on the length of units) units to run independently, under observation of their teaching partner.
Lessons will be observed by ADoE or DoE during weeks 5, 7 and 8.

10. Observations of peers

Candidate continues observing at least one other lesson each week through these 2 months of different levels and ages of students

11. Methodological Development

Candidate is given a series of articles to read regarding teaching methods. Candidate should write summary of each article in their progress journal (see #13)

12. English development

Depending on level of Candidate’s English, they should either: a. attend an appropriate class at IH or b. meet with DoE to develop a language development program and meet bi-weekly to discuss progress)

13. Independent lessons

Candidate is given their own groups (1-3 groups, depending on availability) of similar level to their apprenticeship class (or possibly takes over the same group/s they’ve been working with).
DoE/ADoE will observe the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 8th lessons, and then as needed

14. Continued Development

Candidate continues to attend teacher seminars and gives one seminar in their first year. Candidate is observed on a regular basis (at least once a month by DoE or ADoE).
During apprenticeship and first 2 months of independent classes, Candidate should keep a journal of thoughts, feedback, self-critique, noticed development and new information received.

15. Certificate

Candidate must receive the appropriate certificate (TESOL/IHCTL/etc) within their first year as a part-time teacher.  After this certificate, Candidate is eligible to receive full-time employment at IH Poltava..